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Music for cello by Sojourner Hodges: Arcturus for Solo Cello

Sheet music(low-res graphics) and MP3 audio samples.

Sojourner Hodges was born in Florida, USA in 1986. She started composing music at age five and at age six began taking piano and music theory lessons with Juanita Becker. Singe age thirteen she has been studying composition. In the summer of 2004 she appeared as composer and pianist on From the Top, a nationally sindicated radio show hosted by Christopher O'Riley, where she premiered the second movement of her Trio for violin, cello, and piano, and her solo piano piece Achromatopsia. Also during 2004, Ms. Hodges participated in the Czech-American Summer Music Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. Sojourner Hodges is an accomplished and acclaimed young composer who will be making waves in the new music scene for decades to come. Her new solo cello piece, Arcturus, is a lyrical full-ranged, short soliloquy for cello, and is based on the Greek "arktos" meaning "bear."

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Arcturus for Solo Cello


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